Pandemic = Self Mastery on Steroids

Pandemic = Self Mastery on Steroids, with both Oestrogen and Testosterone at all time highs!

Its personal and Leadership development fast tracked at warp speed #4thIR, gift wrapped with a glittering Viral Bow!

 Finding meaning amongst the chaos, is not only Agility in process, its is the birth of a fundamental and VERY unique, your Birth right, of making choices linked to you , choosing Life, to Evolve and not only survive,  but to uniquely and authentically, to Thrive.

Getting past the Emotional (Oestrogen) pain point, is where humans usually get stuck.  We could argue that the reasons are varied and valid.  That one person/community pain is bigger or important than another, to use pain as a highlighter to different pain points, is Exclusive by its very nature. What would happen, if we instead, used the frustration (Testosterone) of being “inmates in home” as the Focus to peel back the layers of who we are, to find what is right within?

The trials and tribulations given to Mankind, to Earth, over the ages, has always resulted in a revolution evolution of some form or another.  Always has been, that positive outcomes that have outweighed the pain points.  At the risk of pushing buttons, I would go as far as to say, we far too often, ignore the school fees for the University of Life, and instead, end up getting caught looking in the rear view mirror, with safety, or attachment to emotions which is fed from items that represent a comfort and safety as well as a DESIRE for better or more of the past comforts.   It is unique for each of us, in our library of life “stuff”. 

“Stuff” which is not guaranteed to be around forever anyway.  Wear and Tear happens on everything!   EVERYTHING Depreciates and Appreciates; depends on the view you take. 

The only guarantees in what is consistent, is not only change, but also, more importantly, our Emotions, and how we respond to change in our life.  Our life, not everyone else’s, but our very own unique, gorgeous life.

Imagine thinking differently… thinking without thinking, and thinking for excitement and exhilaration?  Leaving the intrinsic human desire for shortcuts, behind forever? That the current pandemic, is like a new computer being created… but from within each of us…yes YOU too! 

GASP, I can hear the voices, “ME. how is this about me?” Life is about all of us, every single one of us.  “Life is Inclusive”.  It is humans that within own minds, create exclusivity, inequality and thinking that keeps the Self small. Smaller than it in fact, is meant to be.

This 2020 age of evolutionary shifts birthed in catastrophe.   The shift has been coming since 2012.  The shift from Piscean age of control and class, to the essential birth of Heart based communication.  The age where heart-based communication will rule the world.

The age where Voices of heart will be heard, and Self Accountability will wipe away the restrictions of Cultures and limiting beliefs.  It is not only the age of Innovation and Technology in the 4th IR (Industrial Revolution), it is also the 4thHRE (Human Revolution Evolution).  It is the end

Looking back – July 2018 I posted this on Facebook:

Charlotte D Blignaut

July 25, 2018

The 3 C’s trends of Intentional Success
Outdated -:
1 Capitalism
2 Control
3 Compete
Modern Trend -:
1 Connect
2 Collaborate
3 Communicate

It is happening now.

There is now, more than ever, a positive place at our table, for both Oestrogen and Testosterone, but in perfect balance.  We are Victims of old or limiting beliefs no longer, but only when we choose to Rise from within.  Self-Mastery used to take a lifetime.  Lock Down means it can begin right now, and fast track in 2/3 months!

Would you like to know what is next for you, how to get to it, or would you like to wait another 2 years to start to believe in yourself and your Purpose and life meaning?

PM to book an online session to focus on your unique future of Possibilities.

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Still wondering what to believe?  See here what the World Economic Forum says on changes and the impact of economic change the Pandemic is bringing to the World