How to Be Alone, & Excite inner Exhilaration

If you can see it, you can do it t

How to be Alone, Truly Alone

What are you addicted to? In only few mins a day only – the Gift of Music, Silence, Creativity and SELF! Self Mastery is your Birthright

 “Awareness is the Change Agent”  E Tolle

Saving time with no driving in the traffic, here are easy tips, & simple fast FUN ways to use that time for priceless SELF Growth!  Making it absolute JOY and Exhilaration, moving from CoDependancy to Independence,

“as a young woman, being alone away from my family, brought out a Strength in me” my Mom

 If you have always been around others, always relied on doing “stuff” to keep Self busy, isolation can feed intense and unfathomable deep past feelings including the fear of abandonment and aloneness.   

Ps – This time could also lead to cravings to feed the emotions unheard or addicted to … emerge as the healthiest version of you, or the couch potato lookalike – it is your choice…WINK!

This is how to use your of the time, for Self Mastery and to experience the unique Power of you, your Mind, Body AND Spirit – transform your Mind & body

  1. Physically – irrespective of the space you have available, combine all the below:
    1. Meditate – It’s all about the ease & comfort of the focus,   sit upright, cross legged on floor, or in a chair
      1. close eyes, focus them within and upwards to the centre of your brow and breathe into it for as long as you can.  Extend this time a little every day, start with 3 mins, work your way up to 11mins
      2. close eyes, see yourself doing the usual exercise you usually do, for as long as you usually would do it
      3. close eyes, breathe deeply into every part of your body, 1 cell at a time
    2. Exercise –  it’s all about the MUSIC,  choose 2/3 favourite songs, or sing/whistle your own tune
      1. on the spot indoors or outdoors, do what you can, be it jogging, stretching or dancing (Choose music to suit the exercise – NO ONE IS WATCHING!!)
      2. In the garden, use the space to do it as if the garden is your audience
    3. YOUR  Reward  – Choose 1 or 2 most soothing songs
      1.  Lie flat on your back, cover self with light covering, and gently doze off, allowing the body to rest and catch up!
      2. Breathe deeply and slowly stretch, sit up & open eyes
      3. Be gentle with self, congratulate Self for the daily effort
  2. Emotionally – Get onto the roller coaster and nurture your ride! Choose balance, to move the Self  from repetitive patterns of escape, into cycles of healthier Being – includes eating, TV, Social Media  and less than positive emotions. Self Coach –  YOU decide – reach within, you do have a positive answer awaiting with much ANTICIPATION:
    1. Being honest with Self – what else would make me feel more accomplished at the end of this day/time?
    2. What does this Emotion tell me about ME?
    3. How could I use this to have positive growth moment?
    4. How have other people coped before?
    5. What positive creative outlet could I embrace and do right now!
    6. Write it down, and again, and again, and again, until it becomes wonderful gorgeous words about Self and others (no pressure, you have lockdown to get there!)
  3. Nutrition – Cravings? Find out how to feed body & emotions with absolute DELIGHT!
  4. Positive Outcomes – how to make the alone time count, plus become your own best friend!
    1. Be honest with Self – no one else is listening
    2. Be gentle with self – Self Mastery is getting to know all of you, and then accepting Self.
    3. Be Real – #youDeserveYou – if you are working from home or not, make choices that fed your personal wellbeing:  listen to those around you much more, everyone has a gift to offer each other
    4. “Intention is everything” @yourHiddenGenius – hear all of what is being said vs hear what you want to hear 
    5. Get more creative with cooking, baking, crafts, writing, painting and reading.  Do it differently for a change
    6. Write letters to the people you cannot see – you will be amazed at yourself!

In any alone time, you will have a perfect opportunity to learn about Self, Educate the Self, and  feed all of the unique version of you, Your Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit.  Make choices that you will be proud of, FOREVER!

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