Agility Thinking is Success in Transformation

Agility Thinking is Success in Transformation

“Unless humans change their thinking and how they think, the next step in evolution of the human brain, REAL transformation will always have a Parachute of Excuses” cdb

Answer these 4 Coaching questions before reading further – to build more Confidence in your unique Agility thinking.

Ps – bonus will be to find a few new ways to live in a more empowered & harmonious state with your mind

1                    If you could use what this implies, @Inspire2transform, every day, consecutive days, would you?

2                    In your self Commitment to Agility for Transformation – how many days would you use #1 for?

3                    When you share Your Unique stamp of Transformational Empowerment in a story telling framework, what would your outcome look like, in the ideal evolution required for a more Transformed Empowered Self?

4                    What are the consequence,s to your journey to success in transformational thinking, of ignoring the above 3 responses?

My body brought me to my knees to meet my Soul and run an elaborate, drawn out expose to reach Purpose!

Being drawn out, Was I being stubborn? Was I stuck? Was I making excuses? Was I healing my brain, body and spirit?

The correct answer is all of the above. Human beings know not what they are capable of, until they are forced to face both strengths and weaknesses. When your strengths become your weaknesses, you are 1000% ready for a new journey. Yet, the mind and spirit might be at loggerheads for the natural course of a new journey.

“Just because it’s the way you have always done it, does not mean it’s the way its always going to be done” CDB

Recovery from adrenal fatigue and burnout, took on many uninvited facets. One of the main areas that emerged fuller developed and more luscious in expression, were 3 new and now, core values: Choice, Acceptance and Compassion (CAC). 

To zerobase your life on every level, and to choose to not give up, but instead, to relearning how to think, was the biggest, hardest and more resisted gift I could have imagined! When you have no choice, you are forced to accept, until you see the choices with compassion.

It was also the most liberating in mind processing. I learnt to become MUCH more flexible and develop a gentler relationship with Self (CAC), usually not because I wanted to, but felt I was forced to. Until I learnt to see the value of what I had perceived was no choice. Then it became a daily ritual of commitment, choice and conversation with self.

When a strong woman crumbles, people scatter. All I longed for, was to understand the reason for this debilitating journey and the multitude of perceived “rejection”. This was reflected in both my inner and outer world.

I also wanted to understand a much bigger position I had, expressed as this harsh judgement:  How can humans call themselves human and a superior species, when they recognise a cry for help, in any form, and do nothing except THINK of what it might cost them? Because that is all they know how to think. They have yet to learn the highly personal payoff and snowball effect of an excited abundant mindset and thinking.

It took a few years of using various skills to transform what and how I thought, to find the liberation and agility in thinking that today, represents an abundant mindset of freedom! 

The most important ingredient, as in any behaviourial change accessed in professional Coaching, is the level of personal DESIRE and WHY! I wanted to keep positive thinking going, irrespective of any challenges and disappointments to date.

“To voice Self, is a focused work in progress” YourHiddenGenius

The solutions lie in honouring your own Voice, the inner voice that feeds your mind. Its about redefining your beliefs in a way that transforms thoughts instead, to abundance on all levels. Self Mastery personified!

Plus the impact you could have relates to these trending areas:

The Impactful Benefits in choosing to learn Agility in Transformational Thinking is:

·         new Neural pathways and Transformational thinking

·         Transformed thinking means an AGILE Transformed World

·         Becoming a Change Master and Change Maker is future Leadership

·         An ability to Support others into this new space of improved communication and harmony

I Look forward to comments and input – all feedback welcome.

Ps – to learn the agility thinking shortcut, secrets, and a magical coach question or 2, to transform your world, PM.

Warm regards