In 2020, these 3 essentials you cannot ignore any longer

This is Why, in 2020, these 3 essentials you cannot ignore any longer,  

You, your Genie,  and your deepest Longings.

Rubbing the belly of your GENIE is where you will find ease to navigate this symbiotic topic!

Check in, see where you are at – Answer these 3 questions, honestly to Self:

  1. The relationships in your life and the quality of them, are they what and where you really want them?
  2. If you could Not only Build, But also Bank Relationship Capital, would you?
  3. If there was an easier and superfast way to immediately recognise and take the right action to build the right kinds of relationships for you, in business and personal, would you give it a bash?

We live in a time when technology has advanced us and separated us, and we appear to have lost human connections, meaning those with depth and meaning. You only have to watch on social media, the comments or lack thereof on posts that add value to other peoples lives. Superficiality is the detached version of the new kind of “friend”.

There is a positive purpose for these.

And yet, how many of the comments are designed to build relationships up, AND to sustain them, offline as well as online?  Relationships with Nature count too. 

Young Global Leaders Annual Summit

  1. Will technology connect or divide us?  

                “technology-enabled interaction has serious downsides. The fact that that many adults spend 11 hours a day individually interacting with screens begs the question whether technology nurtures or inhibits meaningful human connection. ”

2.             Young Global Leaders Annual Summit – “Leaders around the world have an opportunity to take the best of technology to re-infuse meaningful connections across their spheres of influence and counteract ideological polarization. ”

If we used technology to influence across generations, where many more people looked for what was right, vs what is wrong,where more people really wanted to get to know the person on the other side, vs a brief comment,  the world might have more compassionate, kind and happier communities. Do you agree?  You only have to try it out for yourself, to see this play out in your own world.

Why is it imperative in 2020 though?

2020, for a Tantric Numerology perspective, is about building abundant relationships that are moving away from negativity and rooted in protecting the Self and those that matter to us, much more.  Its amplified many times, more than double this year. We will be faced with choices, to leave behind relationships that no longer feed our Soul, our journey and our Purpose. When we step into the latter, positive plentiful will flow with more ease and direction. Choose wisely, choose that which makes you feel bigger and better about your true nature.

You will not recognise beautiful qualities in others, unless you know the same within” #YourHiddenGenius.

 The most important Relationship you will ever have, is the one with yourself. The amount of Self and personal development posts and products on offer, the amount of interest in the work that Coaches have been doing for many years, has reached a peak.  Every one now wants to be a Coach.  THIS is a beautiful indication, that the leading trend in the world, are humans looking for more meaning and purpose.  And it starts with you. 

The trend is now, that we are consciously moving back towards relationships that matter and those which feed each other, symbiotically and with authentic meaning.

“Coaching styled Conversations will be the preferred communication style of the future”

 Emotion In Motion®

The biggest challenge you might face, is the ability to recognise how far you might have drifted from what you want, as to where you are today, in regard to ideal symbiotic relationships.

“The Space Between Us, is where Relationships
Grow “CDB

How would you lift the bar in standards of relationships your have, or those you really WANT?

It is becoming more and more apparent in the new age of human evolution, that connection to others is vital and if done with 100% authenticity, and 1000% of Self, the relationships will transform our inner, outer and your world.

A human has the neuroplasticity plus the cognitive ability to change their own lives by changing teir thinking.

In my experience with clients over the years, after Conflict rears its gorgeous head, the next essential and most beautiful step,  is relearning how to think in Building Relationship Capital that is sustainable and pure in intention. I call this Natural Evolution.

The 4th Industrial Revolution represents the Era that redefines and Evolves YOU, the human, to integrate with World technology advancement. Evolution can be a conscious choice, or you could choose to “go with the flow”.  After all , it is the human that created the technology, it would be madness not to keep up within, with our own creation?

Comments, questions and views welcome!

Warm regards

CharlotteD and EmotionInMotion®               Proud home of YourHiddenGenius®