If You could Revolutionize Conflict Resolution, for good, would you?

If you could Revolutionise Conflict Resolution, for good, would you?

If I told you all you had to do was rub the belly of your Genie, YOUR Genius, in 3 steps, would you be a little excited and curious?

In my experience with clients over the years, Conflict usually is the first Change driver to rear its gorgeous head when we are each ready to face changed behaviour. I call this Natural Evolution.

The 4th Industrial Revolution represents the Era that redefines and Evolves YOU, the human, to integrate with World technology advancement. Evolution can be a conscious choice, or you could choose to “go with the flow”.  After all , it is the human that created the technology, it would be madness not to keep up within, with our own creation?

Given that we as humans, and all other living, breathing creatures, elements and the unseen, are here to co-habituate, the natural state of Evolution appears to start with what we mostly avoid and resist – Conflict. The emotional turmoil in Conflict, is what most humans and animals, will and do avoid, if they can.

In my personal experience, Choice has become a Value as a MUCH appreciated result. This has become a Valued ingredient to be considered towards the Evolutionary trending topic of the 4th IR. The outcome of this, being absolute Freedom. The journey experienced to this point, through Conflict, starting within, was painful on EVERY human level, with the unique exception only, of one level. 

Imagine being in a unique position, on not only knowing how to Revolutionlize Conflict for new form of Resolution, but also to get excited about it?

If you can imagine playing beautiful and positive role in this, then within you, (I call this Your Hidden Genius) has the secret on how YOU can Revolutionise Conflict Resolution, IF you choose.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

What would be the benefits of accessing your personal Genius? 

  •  It would mean taking your Emotional and Intellectual Intelligence to the next level, similar to a unique marriage or partnership.

By Changing your thinking on the topic, PLUS your expectations on the outcomes, you will open your mind in ways you had no idea where possible. That is when you personally, have a magical hand in changing your World, and the World we co-habituate in! Exciting enough morsel to consider?

After that, all you would want to and be required to do, is live the changes! 

“It’s a process” Life

Imagine a process that is designed to take the mindset into areas where new neural pathways will have an opportunity to be excited, so much so, that in a trend of 3 steps, be gently encouraged to shift and further evolve?

The 5 Sustainable ingredients required for this, YOUR Success:

1.    Repetition is the key to your success in the execution of the changed thinking.

2.    Be gentle with Self – Its ok to not be perfect every time, and if all else fails, get your Coach to work with you until you find the new, unusual, way forward

3.    Choice of changed thinking is for those who desire elevated levels of thinking and consciousness in outcomes.

4.    Simplify your thought process for magnificent outcomes.

The 4 Generous Outcomes of accepting Your Hidden Genius as your Unique Super Power –

1.    new funky thinking

2.    Your response is the necessary evolution of conflict resolution

3.    Be it conflict within the boardroom, or in your personal environment, in the 4th IR, Your Hidden Genius will be your go to, natural guide of the future, to higher level thinking for conflict resolution

4.    The steps to these, lighter solutions, are steeped in your higher knowledge of a harmonious outcome.

5 Benefits of building a relationship with Your Hidden Genius:

  1. Higher level thinking & mindset shifts
  2. Neutral mindedness
  3. Solutions and Evolutionary driven
  4. Seeing the world as a set of related systems
  5. Finding a way through every block

Did you know – “GuRu is YOU in Genius mode” @YourHiddenGenius

Are you ready to rub your Genie belly yet?

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