3 steps – How to get A FIERCE Abundance Mindset for 2020!

3 steps – How to get A FIERCE Abundance Mindset for 2020!

2020 is here, and these steps are How to get a Fiercely Abundance Mindset!  Or an even more abundant mindset…

Step 1 – No shortcuts, it’s a magical process!

If you already have it – To quote from an article re the biggies for 2019 that I wrote a year ago “What no one tells you, is that when you show up in your Truth, all of it, is that you might be representative of exactly the opposite of where most people are at that time.”  The same applies to Abundance.  If you have an abundance mindset, you will find that many people might resist the opportunity and possibility mindset that you have stepped into, UNTIL they are ready for it themselves.  This means that they would also have to do the work to get to that same space that you show up in.  There are no shortcuts, yet if you choose to FIERCELY focus on the daily PROCESS, it will happen and then accept that is different for everyone.

Remember – It is the time when you shine your brightest that you will give others permission to do same, or the glare to the eyes makes them run a mile!  (and yes, Those people are not your Tribe)

Step 2 – Know it to recognise it!

To truly know and accept what it is, is to understand what it is not.

  1. If you find yourself unable to celebrate or congratulate others on their success, you have not yet truly accepted or celebrated your own achievements and successes.   Start small within, grow it every day.  It will become what your heart longs for, and proudly so.
  2. If you find yourself thinking that others are bigger than you, it means you are smaller in your own mind.  Start recognising the similarities insteadIt will grow and become an equality yet to be imagined in humanity
  3. When you do offer congratulations support to the achievement so of others, you do so but without your full heart…you feel a niggle that you cannot name.  Name the niggle, its only the part of you that still requires your own voice to be more honest.  Your heart Voice will Transform Communication and Success in the World

Step 3 – and If all else fails, Know what it is not! 

The key here, is to ask yourself, are my thoughts, words and even my actions that of the abundance mindset I aspire to, or am I normal, as in, I am a grateful gorgeous and successful Work In Progress, like everyone else? 

This is the fast track version – to access this in a sequenced process, Ask me how, as I have a formula and a strategy to get to this with clients faster, easier and with exhilarating success in your personal development journey!  And it only takes 108 days, plus is less than 15 mins a day!

ps – it will mean leaving a few beliefs (and people) behind….Are you ready to change your life forever, for the best? 

SUCH Exciting and heart centred times, Are you also ready to embrace the true Thought leaders of the future!

May 2020 be the place you step into your full Fierce Abundance with pure intention.

Warm Regards,

Charlotte D Blignaut

Acknowledgement and Gratitude – Quote Picture credit to Robert H Schuller