Are you losing out? An Unusual Awareness in 4th IR, with Collaboration, Diversity and Freedom

“Awareness is the Change Agent” E Tolle – 4th IR, Collaboration, Diversity and Freedom

4th IR,  using Technology,  Collaboration and Diversity,  is natural Evolution of the human race.  Technology evolving is not exclusive, it is also essential to Human Evolution.  It is MUCH more than a Revolution, it is Evolution, of the conscious type.

Without acceptance of the advancement of technology, we, as humans with a Mind(mindsets) of our own, stunt our own growth and Evolutionary opportunity.  When we choose our comfort zone over growth,  we have knowingly or not, chosen to stagnate or halt personal growth. It might also be a sign that we have largely given up within, on our unfulfilled dreams and our opportunity to impact Evolution with our uniqueness.

The vital ingredient in Evolution, is being a Human, is the willingness to embrace technology and move with it.  Technology is unique means to bring together tools for economy to Evolve with.  It gives the human condition an opportunity to become more.  Technology has evolved us, along with social interactions.  We learn from each other.  Well, it is really more those individual people who want to, those who have the open mindedness and an addiction to curiosity in advancement.   These are also the people who make a mark in history, in their communities and in the hearts of many.

Economy changes the dynamics of Human evolution in 2 ways.  Either as a fear driven or as an abundant response.   

The fear driven response is the response that keeps us small.  It is the response that knows only the past as its comfort zone.  It is the past that is afraid of the unknown and of uncertain risk taking, and of an unpredictable future. 

The abundant response is the response that feeds a freedom of immeasurable Knowing.  This unique knowing feeds off the possibility that exists under the beady eyes of Opportunity.  These eyes look everywhere, as zero-based, newborn eyes, seeing as if for the first time.  They look under ever scar, broken bone and limp leaves.   These eyes understand the cycles of life exist and thrive best when challenged by life.  They understand that in order to be reborn and renewed, death and grieving of the old beliefs is essential.  They budget for more of the unknown.  This is where they catapult economy from comfort to colourful.  This is where they evolve communities into cities of bustling creative and innovative entrepreneurs.  These abundant Beings fear monger themselves with a belief that nothing else is possible, except death.  Nothing stops the creativity and Innovation from these Abundance seekers. 

They fearlessly diversify through collaboration. They see economy with abundant curiosity . They create opportunity. They do not copy paste or steal ideas. They accept who they are, and for what they thrive for.

They live for freedom.  Freedom starts within heart and mind.   Meeting one will leave you breathless with hope, or fearful of what you have yet to achieve.  Imagine reaching out to connect,  and to walk a part of their with yours,  in a collaboration to diversify and create economy?

This is authentic uniqueness, its like watching Evolution on a fly thru vs a road show. 

This is my personal opinion. 

Collaborate to experience this abundant freedom and breathlessness for yourself, I dare you!