Your Hidden Genius – the latest trend

Your Hidden Genius – the latest trend!

What is all this latest chatter about, Your Hidden Genius?  Is it becoming the next trend or is it merely a Fad?

Simply put, it is the VERY Unique part of you, that a professionally trained Coach usually accesses when they work with you to transform your life or create your new desired behaviour. 

Your Hidden Genius is the part of you that knows what is best, for YOU! It is the part of you that instinctively knows which is the best way forward in most situations you find yourself in.

It is the part of you that is the easiest to listen to, yet the hardest to obey.  Especially if you have NEVER been taught to know what it is, or how to listen to it. 

We are each made perfectly, and designed to be successful when we are born.  Sadly and celebratory, our conditioning can largely influence this to the point that we start to lose sight of our uniqueness and our intrinsic talented gifts.

Conditioning can shape your life forever.

Conditioning takes on many forms, be it Culture, Religion, Values, Socio Economic impact and Community.

The 3 questions to ask yourself when you are feeling out of balance and life does not seem to be in flow, are:

  1. to what extent why? and
  2. how has my past, my conditioning, my life experiences influenced who I am today? and
  3. What can I do to change the status quo?

Usually this would manifest In ways that no longer serve who You are.  Situations that conflict with an unknown inner core that scrams out to be heard and acknowledged. That would also mean, changing your mindsets about where you are today, or how to make the necessary changes that are going to open your mind, creating new Neural pathways and your new BELIEFS about what is still possible for you to create for yourself.

NeuroScience with Neuroplasticity has proven the possibilities, that there is MUCH more possible in our minds! 

Therefore, NOPE, its not merely a FAD! 

AND The implications of this are HUGE!

Yes, its boils down to your Choice.

Why?  As it means that you could be responsible for so much more in various choices in your life.  It also means that you too can shape your life in ways that you never believed possible.  Dreamt it maybe, but possible not yet believed it could happen, OR that YOU, yourself, could find innovative and creative ways to make it happen!

YES!  You can.

To self, Whisper it first, then speak it, then shout it out.

Choose the dreams, crate the plan, then follow it with actions.  Irrespective of the choices you made of past, of what other people who have NEVER followed their own dreams say, in spite of your fears, #Justdoit. 

How – Start with a little new actions every day, until your focus becomes clearer and strengthened with the actions you are taking. 

Repeat the ones that are working for you, again, and again.  It is a process.

I believe in EVERYONE WHO IS BRAVE ENOUGH to question and who choose CURIOSITY as a new belief in the journey to inner Peace and outward Success!  So much so, that there is tool that has been created to help YOU get there faster. In less than 10mins actually!  

Pop a Private Message if you would like to get details on how you can access your Genius, FAST, EVERYday!

Appreciate your comments and sharing of this article, thank you!

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