How to know the presence of Mastery

How to know the presence of Mastery

Have you ever been in the company of someone who inspired you to SO want to do more, be more and awaken that deep desire within to be even more creative and keep aiming higher for a new or improved level of fulfilment and success?

And this person speaks with peaceful emotions and from the serenity of a deep presence, ease of flow and confidence?

And they make it look so super easy!!

And maybe all you may want to do is run away and be this person, to the point that your feelings within self, of awe, bordering and entwined with the green hint of the presence of a deeper seated envy?

Treat this as a Wakeup call – The biggest mistake is comparing your journey to theirs,  and the second biggest mistake is believing you can be them!

So what is Self Mastery actually?

The freedom to be you, accept all of you, with absolute Self love, including the right to the perfect dose of Self Esteem and Values, expressed as your UNIQue brand of joyous purity, certainty and knowing” cdb

It is perceived differently by everyone. Ultimately, the most important reality in this journey, is brutal honesty with Self.  

Here are a few questions to reveal to Self, what your understanding is on the topic, where you are on your journey:

  1. If you knew you were already a Master what would the conversations with Self look like and sound like?
  2. What is Self Mastery to you?
  3. What is Mastery to you?
  4. What would it mean to you, when you achieved Self Mastery?
  5. What would it(aka you), look like on the outside when you were steeped in your Self Mastery suit?

Dangers of misperceptions in Self Mastery:

  1. When we confuse Mastery with achievement, we keep our real potential small
  2. When we compare our own journey  to others, we limit our potential
  3. When we sit in judgement of Self, we will never know Mastery
  4. When you judge me, you are not in your Mastery
  5. When I judge the world, I am not in Mastery
  6. Judgement in all forms shows up when we feel insecure, and out of balance within
  7. Self Mastery is Inclusive, not exclusive

This depth of Mastery requires that we effectively spend time getting to know all of who we are.

It is a choice and it is sometimes not a choice. 

Life can sometimes give us every reason to withdraw from it, from others and from Self.  In fact, that is part of the job description of Life, when we choose to live in a deep intimate relationship with our Soul purpose “Distract, overflow, overwhelm, the calm, at will!”

How does your Life currently reflect where you are at in Self Mastery?

Feel free to connect, and experience unique tools to fast track your journey to Self Mastery.

Always remember, it is your Life, it is your Choice

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