What no one tells you – 5 biggies in 2019!

What no one tells you – 5 biggies in 2019!

What no one tells you, is that when you show up in your Truth, all of it, is that you might be representative of exactly the opposite of where most people are at that time!

It is the time when you shine the brightest that you will give others permission to do same, or the glare to the eyes makes them run a mile!!  Which has been your experience to date?

It takes much more effort and courage to stay in your unique truth than it does to avoid it.  It is a powerful choice to make!  And the BraveHearts of the future will make these choices with ease.

Reflecting on the past year as South Africa comes to resounding, annual festive season, stop, is essential in manifesting and understanding how far you have come this year in developing your own unique Voice of Truth, and recognising the seeds of your future you have already planted.  This might be knowingly or unwittingly done.

See how much you have left behind, see the emotional and physical changes you have undergone, the truths you have uncovered about self, your work, your relationships and your love of a unique beautiful life.  No longer a life filled with despair, controlled by others or fear, but a life that has anticipation of all good things to come, is filled with curiosity and excitement for 2019 and beyond.

To match the energetic shifts and evolution of Humanity, the salient points within these 5 topics rooted in your ABSOLUTE Truth, are where you could choose to focus to take with you into 2019.  

These 5 Coaching questions will seriously Evolve your world, your Mind and your Heart:

  1. What actions of the heart are you going to take from 2018 into 2019 with you or all new in 2019?
  2. Which of your beliefs will you carry deeper into the part of your future life that brim over with joy and expectation only?
  3. Which parts of your emotions are you going to honour as your unique messenger of inner Truth going forward?
  4. Which relationships are you going to Nurture and feed into 2019?
  5. Which parts of your Purpose filled life are you going to measure with Self as you unravel your Purpose, fertilised and fed from your own Soul Truth?

Living with daily Joy, real Values, heartfelt Compassion and unshakable Truth, is your birthright!  Life on Earth has never been more open and transparent for all of us.  The revealing question for you is, are you interested,  curious and super excited as to what is still possible for your life? 

ps – it will mean leaving a few beliefs(and people) behind….Are you ready? 

Ask me how, as I have a receipe, or few,  to support clients to do this faster, easier and with exhilarating success in your personal development journey!

SUCH Exciting and heart centred times, SO ready to embrace the true leaders of the future!

Till the next time, may 2018 be the place you leave all that does not serve you, behind for good, and with pure intention.


The KingMaker, Charlotte

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