Communication to win Votes & Succeed

Communication requirements, to win Voters & Succeed requires consistency in values and standards.

The Human Evolution that we are proudly stepping into, is one of Values, Transparency, Purpose, Passion and Truth.

The Voice of the people is the one that requires humility, inclusivity, transparency, truth and honest hearty content. The voice that inspires and creates confidence in a future.

The old ways of winning influence & doing business is dying, the ways of manipulation, smoke and mirrors, promise marketing, is all becoming obsolete. Technology gives us access to more research than ever before. You cannot hide.

Yet still we see articles and events filled with exclusivity, words without the weight of real meaning to the man in the street. These are the men and women who make up the majority of the population.

To win votes of the majority of people, as a Leader and Influencer your message has to fulfil 3 key elements, to speak to them, with them and for them.

A Thought Leader and the leaders of the future, know this. They are the Influencers of the age of future generations. The generations who are more interested in what they can do for the planet, and what role they can play in the leadership of life and how they can positively impact the Voters. The generations who believe in possibility of the 3 C’s – Consistency of authentic Connectedness, Communication and Caring are the survivors of the future.

5 Thoughts for these leaders in Voice of the people:
1. Have you ever gone hungry?
2. Have you ever been cold and wet and alone?
3. How many times have you faced real economic rejection?
4. How many times have you had to ask for help merely to feed your family or self?
5. Have you ever rationed out bread/rice/potatoes to be able to see the end of a week or ration food daily to last for a couple of days, or a month?

If you want to lead the voters who will vote for you, step into the life they need. The lesson of humility and gratitude is priceless. It is the most treasured quality of the Thought leadership. Its how we connect to others with sincerity, without knowing them, but understanding what and where they are at. Understanding their needs and believing in the possibility of innovative, confident solutions, always.

It is this Voice with each of us that makes the impact, and makes a difference. It is this voice that will carve the future in perceptions, experiences and the passion of real hope.
It is this voice that a leader of inclusivity will need to master in order to sustain influencing. It is relentless in its fight for hope and authenticity. It is the voice that has mastered intensity and focus of purpose.

The leader who never gives up on Self and those around them.
The leader who does not betray or buy loyalty.

Is that you?
If not yet, connect, together we can get you there!

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