Africa Healing – 3 signs, yes or no?

Africa Healing – 3 signs, yes or no?

Which would it be more correct to say, Africa Healing or Africa Evolving or?

A continent that has, since the beginning of time as we know it, been ruled by its diverse cultures and mostly be considered as 3rd world – is it finally evolving and transforming into a hub of Equality, Innovation & Inclusivity?

We can choose to look back and shine a spotlight on the 3 major evolutionary signs of the past and be optimally vocal, with the usual wisdom of hindsight, on what did not;
1 grow innovation,
2 boost economy or
3 evolve its people
OR, we can look at the present moment, and decide for ourselves, WHAT do we want for its future.

Africa transformation, does it mean the SAME OLD batons of Life are relayed and passed on through generations, from each home, to communities, to business world and indeed, all the way to the government right to the top, or does it mean each new generation gets “permission” to design a spiffy and more improved baton?

The youth are the future, and they require leadership and guidance until they have learnt to lead. What are each of us, especially those who are parents, teaching them? If the adults of today do not have firmly entrenched common Values of consequence, what future leadership could we truthfully say we are expecting?
Let’s be 100% honest and get real, when it comes to all 3 signs that reflect evolution, what would be the common root of stability in each?
Living a values based life, with Respect. Integrity and Honesty being 3 key common universal elements integral to upholding fairness and economic growth, also means that who you are at home would not be deferred in any way when you are at any place outside of home – do you agree?
Is that you?
A Presupposition – To transform our world to make place for the explosion of Innovation from Africa’s people, Which of these 3 signs would you take heed of as your baton that needs a little revamp? Or a major overhaul? Or is so worn out and weathered that it would indeed add priceless value on a compost heap? Would you add new batons to this relay of your evolution? What are they?

We in Africa, are Africa. If we want all 3 signs to grow and to add to them, its starts with each of us. That means going back to the grass roots within, and finding our unique keys to Self Mastery. It’s a process. Self Mastery gives everyone their unique noble and graceful voice.

There are STILL so many voices still crying out to be heard, usually in the saddest or most destructive and negative ways. The buck stops with each of us. Leaders of the future, are you listening? “Stand for something, or fall for anything”

What do YOU choose? What will it take to break free from any of the beliefs and the stories that might be keeping you, in your mind, “smaller”?
How do you treat all of Self as Inclusive?
It is only when each voice has been heard, will we truly heal Africa. Each story has a beautiful gift for evolution, when we choose to focus and extract the unique gift. Are you listening and looking for the gifts? Leaders of the future are.

A world leader, Richard Branson reminds us “If something frustrates you, find a way to improve it, and make a business out of it”
What does your voice share with you when you feel and face frustration?
Listen to start to use to grow one of the 3 signs, or grow…..?

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