Adopting the BOAF mindset for You AND Corporate

Mindset shifts are coming, they are necessary and very exciting – its huge!

BOAF(Banking On Africa’s Future) in association with 1873 network and 1873fm Radio seek to identify, profile, showcase and in the end, Celebrate the role of all business actors in delivering the promise of an Inclusive, Prosperous & Diverse Africa.

1 – Corporate Africa plays a huge vital role in changing the dynamic of poverty, employment and entrepreneurial mindset.
2 – Triple challenge faced is the current inequality, poverty and unemployment.
3 – Many people believe that change can only be brought about by government.

Remembering the words of Albert Einstein “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” reminds us that the above is therefore, not realistically possible. It is essential to keep reality Real, to move business growth forward.
We agree, however, that government must play its part in the current situation, and take the steps necessary, and fast , to recover credibility with communities, both local and international?

Do you agree with BOAF – a Market system is better than a government system?

This BOAF initiative seeks to change Mindsets from Government Centric to Private Centric, as Unemployment, Poverty and Equality can be addressed by individuals working towards self interest plus collectively with others.

It’s called HOPE, when you realise your future can be held in your own hands much more than you ever realised possible.

Please nominate those individuals and corporates who inspire to Empower & Impart skills and Mindsets, with the same values, to be part of this people BANK.

“The future starts today, one individual at a time. We are here, let’s together show up and reach out” MM

Do you know how to create the new essential Mindsets?
Do you want to?
If you answered yes, lets connect, its easier than you think to step into a new headspace.

Vulnerable yes, but incredibly powerful when creating new economy for self, within communities!
“Open Minds, Open hearts, Open for BIG Business” cdb

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