Abundant or Redundant Economy – your IP is the problem?

Success and Power in Transformational Thinking

Abundant or Redundant Economy – your IP is the problem?

Abundant or Redundant Economy is rooted in the unique freshness of your IP(intellectual property)

Yes, It a question that is essential to economic growth and therefore necessary in your SWOT of self  in our perpetualy speeding up & changing world!

If we do not continuously innovate and create our businesses, economy will stagnate.  The same applies to the personal development of self.

What this means for each Leader, is that they have to find team friendly ways of motivating and inspiring change.   Not only are the leaders of today required to set the new tone and standards for future business, they also are required to lead from the front, extract trends that can be UNIQUELY & industry specific,  monetised AND also ensure they remain Leaders of future, and leaders of change, and essential to their own financial survival, leaders of or within organisations.

High taskbar!  How does this Leader of today maintain the continued Leadership energy levels to do all this, and still perform at his / her peak?

How: They know who they are, why they do what they do, and how to do it.  They also know how to surround themselves with the right people that keep them on their toes, and at the forefront of their fields.  The people they have on their teams are inspired and motivated to be innovative and as creative as they need to be.  They are not ruled by fear or control.  They are ruled with mindsets steeped in rocket fuel and fed with curiosity and abundance.  They know to religiously look after their physical, mental & emotional health every day!  They balance life with work and play and relaxation.  They strive for balance!

Have I described SuperMan or SuperWoman to you? Who lives in a perfect world called fairy land, or never never land, where everything is rosy and all works smoothly and no conflict, stagnation etc?

Sigh yes, we wish!  These new leaders take the time to honour play, work and rejuvenate, in equal measures.  How do they know what this means?

The evolution of the Human race depends on an improved balance of life.  It relies on new innovation and creativity that is fertilised in lands of dreams and hopes.  The next Age is the Human Revolution into Humane Evolution.

This new age is where we know ourselves, we accept ourselves and we no longer feel the need to boringly copy paste or compete.  Competition is healthy, however, competing against each other is less than healthy?

How do we get to know ourselves?  We can allow the evolution of Self as life pace has used to naturally unfold, or we could fast track it at the same pace that life is moving us along now – which do you choose?

There are a few realities that may kick in, and shock us into surprise of what else possible when we take this new level of Emotional Intelligence to deeper levels in order to evolve:

1          We start to deepen our questions to our Life purpose more often and with more fervour

2          We question part of, or all of our Culture, that might have shaped our beliefs to this day

3          We question Education systems and our Parents’ way of shaping our mindsets

4          We might even question our identity as we search deeper within, to find peace, contentment and inner joy.

How this all affects and effects us, is that unless we choose to seek within, we will never find new ways forward and will remain in the pools of stagnation

Why – the world is saturated with dead end thinking, dead end control, dead end negativity, dead end snuffling out of the lights of those who have SO much joy and innovation to share given half a second of being seen and heard.

Every person, every living breathing organism on this earth, can teach us something new EVERY day, if we have much more open and curious minds.  This mindset is where new neural pathways  is a much bigger impact than our smaller mindsets of past. This new mind that is open to more, has NO time to be bogged down with old, staid ways of thinking and doing.  This is te new mindset that is more expansive and inclusive in its expanded thought processing.

This is the mindset of the human who knows their worth, trusts it and believes in their unique dreams.  This is the brain of the future, this is the amazing Revolution you have been waiting for.  Step into the uncertainty, see your IP (Intellectual Property) as unique and beautiful as it is, see it as the exotic flower or newly discoverd shining star that will  light the way with calm, knowing and enthusiastic sensitivity!

Are you reaady and want to zero base your mind and thinking to allow for all new healthier and more balance ways forward?

Do you really Want to experience this new Empowered Space within?

Are you ready to change the economy and infuse your life with all you ever dreamed of?

Would you like to support others to do the same?

Book for a 1 day retreat styled workshop, lets get your IP started, excited, infused and balanced – ready for a future that you deserve.

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