Coach or Trainer or Mentor – which is it for you?

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Coach or Trainer or Mentor – which is it for you?

Why Coaching, why Training, why Mentoring? They are all linked yet very different in purpose for a client, depends on the outcomes you are looking for.
You don’t know what you don’t know, till you know what you don’t know! You have heard of the scale as we progress in learning to become knowledgeable “masters”- Maslow’s Competence Model – unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and finally reach unconscious competence? (the 10000 hours to get to level 4 springs to mind here (…Yes …doing seed planting)
This diagram makes it easier to comprehend, to see where the weight of our knowledge base usually lies until we refine the needlepoint!

In becoming an accredited ICF(International Coach Federation) Coach, only AFTER I had done my professional Coach training, was when I could acknowledge the impact on evolution to be made, in being a Coach. It was the most complete capsule of learning and structure to add to my Coach training I could have wished for! Lifts the bar of note to new standards in any methodology of Coaching! It was then the REAL implication of being a professional coach, and the magnitude of the training I had done, started unfolding as a Coach.
There is a very unique difference to be a professionally trained Coach, vs what many people believe is Coaching. This is a short article aimed at providing an inch more of clarity and info perspective which may influence and change the way you view what you really need to focus on, at any given point of your business success or your own, personal journey in life.

Training is where a delegate is trained in new sets of skills, techniques, technology, methodology etc. As an example, a Tennis player might be trained on a new technique of “spinning a ball” , then the Tennis coach would coach and facilitate the necessary focused training the player would need until the new technique is mastered to suit the players own style of the game. An accounting professional might be trained on using a new accounting package or new way of calculating costing for certain products/services. Training and Facilitation in instructional by nature of the content knowledge and information imparted. The implementation of the training undergone, is up to the delegate, in most cases of training activities. Coaching may be part of this process, especially in the follow up and follow through in measuring results of the training.

Coaching is where we purposefully interrupt those neural pathways that no longer give us the results we desire in life, for the purpose of creating opportunity for new. This is based on a clients goals per coach session. Change is not easy when it comes to influencing the Neural pathways in the brain. Especially when we mature in life and have ingrained pathways that seemingly “won’t budge”. Try brushing your teeth with the other hand, to find out how ingrained your essential mundane activity is set in your brain! Yet, repetitive training action facilitates new Neural pathways becoming more firmly set as we have seen happens with successful athletes/sportsmen and women. In physical exercise, in order to master the technique, we repeat until it is natural (neural pathways developed). Coaching is usually done “content or story” free at this level. A coach may never lead or instruct a client of what to do. Coaching interrupts the patterning and simultaneously opens new perceptions in opportunity. Coaching, in my opinion and experience to date, is for brave people who desire behaviourial change. It is a space where trust, feeling safe and respect are key to the success of the outcomes. It is the space where a client, is heard and seen, without judgement. The space where intention is to move a client forward out of a “stuck” space.

Mentoring is where an established, experienced business person, mentors candidates on this experience in the field that the Mentee has goals. A mentor may also offer training and coaching as part of the mentoring process.
The big question is, loud and clear – can and should, all 3 of these be exclusive or inclusive of each other?

In my experience, in business, people usually expect a combination of Training and Coaching. The laser T&C nugget sessions were developed based on the regular follow through to Coaching clients who merely required insight depths and top up Nuggets linked to business endeavours, and their unique journey – they often include Mentoring, Training and Coaching.

A combination of Coaching and Training can get results much faster for clients, depends on the topic on the table.

What has been your experience of these 3 to date?
Which do you find you get the best results for Self and for own Business?

Warm regards

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