Corporate Culture-like CPR for a bear?

Animalsin Nature Rules

Corporate Cultures – dying, dead or need CPR C?

Is your Corporate Culture still breathing powerfully like a bear?

What is your Corporate culture today? in 1 sentence?

Compared to 3 years ago?

Compared to 5 or even 10 years ago?

If your corporate culture cannot be encapsulated in 3-7 words, you are outdated!

If you have a mindset that your culture created is one your believed had a life of longevity, think again.  As annual budgets, strat forecasts, world economics and even the weather used to be predictable, so too are people emotions changing.  And faster than ever before.

No longer are people satisfied with merely having a job, earning a salary, and annual holidays.  Don’t fool yourself to thinking providing jobs is keeping everyone happy and LOYAL, all of the time.  Capitalism has taken its toll on the millions who need support now more than ever,  and more importantly, the ever essential sustaining life food, HOPE.

What the financial future holds for the world, no one really knows with any degree of certainty, but, what we do know, is that change, and FAST change, is very predictable and the most stable uncertainty of current times.  Not even currency is a certainty any longer!

All this uncertainty sends the “control bodies”  into spaces of a flat spin!  From pharma giants to banking institutions to libraries and training bodies, even dance studios – taking online relationships to the next level, scrabbling for business, tag lines to hook and promising unreal discounts!

So what are the key ingredients to all this cyber success?  Transparency, spontaneity (or so it seems on the surface), curiosity and a DESIRE for more!  More universal knowledge, more skills info, more life details, more creative excitement, more of LIFE, and most importantly, more opportunity in being alive.

Opportunity for what?

  1. Opportunity for more choices in life
  2. Opportunity for different paths
  3. Opportunity for dreams to become reality
  4. Opportunity to believe in a future for offspring, and their offspring
  5. Opportunity to think beyond survival only, and the
  6. Opportunity to dare to believe in the possibility of more self actualisation


  • What are you doing to evolve your Corporate Culture key ingredients, every 3 months?
  • Do you really have the buy in of all employees?

What are the consequences to your bottom line, business longevity, and business growth, if either of these were not answered with a resounding YES by you, the CEO, COO, Cbottle washer and cook,  Or whatever your current STRESS title as #thebuckstopshere person might be?    

My Entrepreneurial Coaching in provocative questioning and ideation sessions are what make my clients step into exhilarated success as never before – would you like to redefine and refine your title, as our starting point #together?

Yes, it may require CPR to awaken that you knew not was merely asleep……

#youcandoit #makingwaves #innovativeculture #itstartswithyou

Your Coach, Charlotte





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