Happiness is… then stop doing this

Breath in inspiration and trust yourself

Happiness is…. the choice between spaceship  ApolloYou or a Hot air balloon?

What makes you happy? Truly happy. Do you know what happiness is? Is it that euphoric sensation or feeling which you feel in every ounce of your body, or what your mind allows you to think it is?

Do you measure happiness by other peoples standards and expectations, or are you filled with the courage required, from the depths of that knowing and that which is unknown and unseen to your mind? Do you always seek explanation and interpretation to justify your happiness barometer & existence?

Think think think, aka… experience… interpretation, access memory bank for labels, express. If you find yourself questioning your reality and life, especially more so when you are under pressure and stressed, these solution “hints” could give you opportunity to consider some alternatives and thereby, explode with much more happiness.

How your mind labels your reality is what restricts or expands your life.

Labeling is done by you, by what you have been taught to label your experiences with. The very same language used by those who have gone before you, by their experiences, lessons and related labeling experienced.  Any surprise why History repeats itself?

The question is, is the labellng relevant to harmony, joy, opportunity, growth and expansion of the mind, or does it limit and look backwards?

Even more impactful question to ask – Does the labeling remove us from both our primal and intuitive resources?

Imagine an alternative…. imagine allowing the more primal sensations a whole hour of free reign…. or imagine allowing our intuitive nature centre stage for an hour … what would be different for you?  How different would you REALLY  feel and respond to life in that exclusive hour of PrimalYou and IntuitiveYou? Be honest…. try it, before you knock it…you will be amazed at the outcomes…

Zero based thinking is an exquisite way of beingness in life. It is also not easy and virtually impossible, and if you are a student of NeuroScience and a HUGE FAN of NeuroPlasticity, you will probably be rolling your eyeballs right now… ROLL AWAY!

Of course you could also learn Mindfulness in Meditation techniques(I teach Kundalini Yoga AND Meditation) and find another route to that empty space where the all New hot air balloon awaits your presence!

How to still the mind is easier said than done – its akin to trying to harness migrating birds, going against the every grain of survival cell they have in their feathered little bodies. It sends the natural survival instinct into a frenzy! It removes all feelings of safety and certainty. Can you feel that within your own cells as you read this?

Imagine harnessing that fear into one homemade Apollo space shuttle? The daily lift off in ApolloYOU. Imagine uncertainty choosing to be a stowaway on your homemade space shuttle? It is a simple choice in that busy mind of yours! The ongoing narrative is what you have control over… THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER!

Control your labels, control the old narrative. Why not give complimentary seats aboard ApolloYOU to all old labels and narratives that no longer have your best interests at heart, or your happiness as priority?

How much happier would you be?
Each day?
Each moment?

Not sure how to discern which labels serve you and which do not? Connect, lets do a T&C Nugget session for you and your ApolloYOU, and lets together get you, not only a liftoff, but also to land the ALLoldnew, EXCLUSIVE, HappinessYOU hot air balloon!

You choose what you want, and decide if you can really afford not to have, a hot air Balloon or an ApolloYou, or both? Not sure?
I Look forward to making a laser sharp fast impact to kickstart the hot air balloon ride!

Warm regards

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