The Intimacy of Listening – do you long for Change?

Truth fears no questions

The Intimacy of Listening is hearing and knowing Truth and not arguing with it. Full Stop.

For some, the art of listening is as natural as brushing teeth, and is intrinsically part of who they are. It is not a skill many are born with.
Those who learnt this intimate art have also learnt much much more, than the skill of listening.

Listening skills start with 2 ears, speaking with 1 mouth – this we have heard many times. Most of the time, we listen to reply or react from our own perceptions, from the voice that has an urgent need to be heard.
The voice that will not be stilled, nor quietened. The voice that, in all honesty, should be heard.
But not in the way you might be thinking.
The voice to be heard is often the wounded part of self that shows up as a heartfelt desire to make a difference in life, to the world, to the other person.

The levels of listening vary greatly, and come from the space within ourselves that has learnt to listen, wholeheartedly, to the Self. All of the Self.
In order to be able to hear Self, there must be an ernest desire to want to. The reason WHY listening is vital, if not, in fact a serious matter of life and death of the Self persona.
A desire to find TRUTH, almost sometimes appearing as a wantoness in craving, craving of the knowledge to take oneself from the mundane of every day, into the depths of varied valleys, lakes and blue skies of the Psyche, aka the Heart.
The heart is the part of the self that has the most intense influence in emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual arenas of our life, IF we allow it, its full operatic voice. Listen to know, listen to respond, listen to

The marriage of Head and Heart is a key ingredient when truly listening. This fragile power of the Heart , when harnessed and nourished, allows for the most sublime loving intimate relationship anyone could hope for. It is the relationship of absolute Truth and Intimacy with Self. It is THE Relationship that has battlefield scars, open fields of green, dense lush rain forests, sunshine and rainbows. It is the most Intimate relationship a human will ever engage in. It is where the REAL GURU resides. It is where true listening is borne.

“To Know the Self, is to Love the Self” CDB
If we cannot love ourselves, we are unable to love. This relationship takes time to develop and is rooted in the art of listening. Listening to the answers from the self, knowing that the self is filled with resources and knowledge that sometimes, the mind will often not accept. If we do not listen to the self, we cannot honestly say we love the self?

It is the depth of this listening that develops discernment, compassion, gratitude and develops the often profound inexplanatory sense of inner knowing that just IS. It is beyond the mediocrity of a mindset or blatant behaviour.
It is the enormous beauty of listening to the subtle nuances, the unspoken, the slight or mighty gestures, the longing in the eyes and voice, or the sensory tingling of stories untold. It is the depth of knowing what AND why, to listen for, that manifests the stage for focused intimate listening that facilitates sometimes conversations half said yet fully understood. The conversations that connect and acknowledge and honour both parties, intimately. It is this which creates human bonds that span decades, a lifetime,. Llifetime of knowing with understanding, acceptance, harmony with balance, basically, the YIN and the Yang of life both within, and with others. The wholeness of being alive.

Listening skills are not merely about the words being heard, or those words that said to be heard, it is also that which is not being spoken. True Leaders, Modern Leaders, Historic Leaders, all have this element of intimacy that they can choose to switch on and off in conversations. And they do switch it on when engaged with all senses and the mind.

It is in the eyes, in the body, in the heart and the actions we do or take, that we truly listen and reflect back to the other, the degree of our listening.
The degree of Intimacy of Listening shows we care, respect and accept. It also shows that we are fully present. And that is priceless listening. Focused and real.
You CAN learn how to evolve your listening skills with Self, if you wanted to! It is not that difficult if the mind is receptive to new neural pathways… Connect PM &, lets get you there if you long for change in your life?

Listen to Hear, Listen to Love, Listen to change the World, your world!

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