The Power of Assumption

mastering others is strength mastering yourself is true power

The Positive or Less than Positive Power of Assumption is a simple Choice!

Why do so many of us make assumptions, and ACT on those assumptions?  I have observed more of our human race lose out on opportunities and so much more in life, based merely on assumptions they have made.

This has led me to explore and peel back the onion layers at depth, in my usual head heart space of wanting to understand human behaviour better and with more compassion .

What is an assumption?

  • It is the mind that interprets and labels, based on perceptions of subjective interpretation.

What is the reason the human mind wishes to create a label?

  • To gain understand for the reality presented in a way that feeds the inner heart FELT emotion that may, or may not, be easily visible to the self.

What is the reason for understanding the inner reality?

  • to make sense in a way that makes us “feel” ok about our own mind and actions

What is the reason we would need to feel “OK” about our own mind and actions?

  • To be able to justify to self, to stay in the moment of life, to accept ourselves as we would like to believe we are, imperfections, judgements, warts and all.

So what is the purpose of assumptions?   

  • An assumption an escape/excuse. Excuses for escaping and avoiding other possibilities in reality, for avoiding real connection, for avoiding building relationships, for avoiding our own “imperfections” and insecurities.
  • An assumption can also give us an opportunity to escape the depth of knowing and completeness that resides within our heart (and head).

What is the reason anyone would want to escape their inner space of totality and beingness?

Is it FEAR?

  • FEAR of uncertainty?
  • FEAR of the responsibility in self belief?
  • FEAR of non acceptance by others?
  • FEAR of sadness or joy beyond wildest dreams possible?
  • FEAR of being wrong?
  • FEAR of being unloved?
  • Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” Marianne Williamson

Assumptions can work both ways, to hinder relationships, understanding compassion and to grow understanding and compassion.  We can also choose to make assumptions to avoid who we are or to avoid taking responsibility for our own actions.  The ever faithful and OH SO reliable cop out!  The cop out keeps the mind large and the heart small.  A lack of heart and mind conversations limits personal growth, limits purposeful living and own success beyond wildest dreams!


We might make assumptions on what we perceive as less than desirable actions of others, in order to exercise our value of Choice.  The Choice to never stop believing in the good and positive purpose of others.  Idealistic it might be, but nonetheless, it is a choice we have.

Those who choose to think the best of others and of any situation, are making use of the POSITIVE POWER OF ASSUMPTION.  Those who  use the “COP OUT” will never get to understand and appreciate the true beauty of their own heart, and therefore, not of others either!


There is an upside to the Cop out assumption – “ignorance is bliss” and keeps relations detached, and these detached relations are easier to manage when there are relations of depth.  After all, what would happen if we allowed a depth of heart based connection?

There is a downside to the Positive power assumption too – it can also be avoidance of facing reality and the world as it is.

Who are you loyal to each day, your Positive Power of Assumption or your Cop Out of Assumption?    Now that you have awareness and know you have both choices available to you, how do you choose to find the balance, using both the inner power and potential you have, and the value of appreciation and compassion?

“Finding the balance, and living it, is living a life with COURAGE and LOVE.  It takes more courage to be make choices that stretch own comfort zones and grow our hearts, than it does to make assumptions that feed a mind with a library of old labels” CDB  …… which do you choose?

 You and your support is important – Please post comments and share where you may choose it to make a positive influence, and to share what makes an impact in your world too!  In the words of the brilliant man, Ekhart Tolle “Awareness is the Change Agent”

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 With Love and Warmth

Charlotte  (Prem Siri)




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