Has your Strength become your Weakness South Africa?

Anyone who is angry is fearful

Has your Strength become your Weakness South Africa?

South Africa is renown for a certain Strength, which is VERY prevalent in the personality traits of its  successful Entrepreneurs.  We are a country filled with a Survivor mind set, infused with the expansiveness of our land, the richness of our soil and the seeds of hope we plant daily.

After all , we live in Africa where Africa is renown historically, as a REMOTE and tough place to survive.  South Africans have had to survive the remoteness and elements of the extreme Southern continent terrain, wild(life) and weather.

Ask any South African if they could settle anywhere else in the world!  Mostly answers are, Yes, but with HUGE difficulty and IF absolutely necessary!  When Africa is in your blood, it is in your blood! 

We are VERY Spoilt with savannah styled open spaces, amazing variety of wild life, succulent foliage, forests, beaches, mountains, rich farmlands, natural water supplies and quite predictable weather cycles.   These qualities have invaded our minds with same styled opportunity and filled our hearts with pride.  We have developed behaviour traits that ensure we always find a way through any challenge – the expression is well known –  “Boer maak n plan”  (farmer makes a plan).

We are also VERY hard workers, for  when we apply our minds and actions(as Mavericks), to these solutions for every challenge we face, we make it work!  South Africans are sought after regarding this determination and hard work, as a work ethic.

Mavericks are survivors.  Being a maverick is a strength rooted in an intrinsic desire to succeed in survival.  it is FEAR based!   The will to create and recreate, the will to be on top of any and all hardships, to still smile in these times of hardships! A unique skill set we have to celebrate!

However, what happens when the open lands reflected in our minds, becomes clouded with experiences that are not always positive, or clouded with SO much opportunity and not sure where to turn, and  words of judgement that other countries tips, techniques and successes, might not have a solution for us?

I think of the worlds no 1 Wealth Coach,  #JTFoxx, when he generously shared this tip in his Business training – every day, start with zero based thinking.  This technique succinctly sums it up as to how to make changes in our lives, economy and communities.

But do we know how to do this?  The way we have always succeeded and survived has ensured that we can cope, in isolation.  Technology has made our world smaller and brought many International communities with other solutions, closer to us.  The challenge, is that we no longer only have to cultivate a Maverick mind set only, but that we now need to infiltrate our mindsets, to find a way to reset the mindsets and rewire our brain, that were previously only ever dependant of to self, to now train to create new neural pathways.  To work even more closely together, as communities, to pool resources and to be open to not necessarily having all the answers.    NEW way of being and doing  – As opposed to being in competition of each other, but NOW in support of each other. “When the tide rises and all boats rise together”

Being in crisis with our economy, we are well aware, in every cell of our bodies, that we no longer can  survive in isolation.  The world is closer to us.  They want to be part of us, Barriers have dropped in so many arenas, we all connected.  Why compete with each other for food on the table & for the same peace of mind we all seek?    What is the reason that, when presented with a set of solutions that work for success, in the rest of the world, a South African wants to do it “their way” ?  It wastes energy and time, when we are in crisis regarding economy and work!  Why do so many people want to reinvent the wheel where so many systems work well that we are possibly not yet open to?

Is it an emotionally, deeply seated, scarring “Wound”?  The wound of not being heard, of not having a voice, or never being enough, of always having to prove ourselves in our world?  Is it a wound that we still, mentally, feel we have to prove ourselves to be successful and better than the next person?  Is it a Wound that shouts out for acknowledgement?  Is your wound of insecurity soaked and cloaked in fear?

South Africa, your wound is festering when you do not allow it to heal. We heal this wound, by thinking positive thoughts with INTENTION to heal our world.  We are NO BETTER than the next person.  If you do not acknowledge and honour the hardships many people are facing, you are in denial? You are an island.   You are not helping the crisis where many unite to make an impact, #together.

South Africa, can we please focus on the positive of every situation, every day, more consciously and with awareness of how out thoughts not only shape our day, but also how this influences others around us?    To focus on how we can add value to other people and communities, vs TAKE TAKE TAKE!

Ask any Kinesiologist to show you, with muscle testing, how our OWN negative or positive thoughts towards others, affects others, and ourselves in that same space of time!

Please would you consider these 3 options:

1 –  choose Validation of others(and self) and where they might be at,

2 – choose with Compassion first, BEFORE thoughts/words of judgement spring into mind

3 – choose Consideration before you steal ideas and pitch for business that is someone else’s bread and butter,

Ask yourself,  is there a way I can add value to everyone in this situation, or is this all FEAR based? 

How do I ADD value to grow the world around you? 

Your thoughts become your behaviour. Choose wisely, choose LOVE VS FEAR driven actions

 #youcandoit –  ITS UP TO ALL of us, not you alone!  Change your Motivation,  that which comes from the brain with a will to not only survive, but to thrive 

(ps – PM if you would like to quickly learn how to do this for yourself)

Please feel free to comment, share and add value.

Warm rgds



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