5 Steps to Real Empowerment for Women – your MAGIC Awareness Wand!

The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don't tell you what to see

“Embrace your Mind, embrace your Emotions, or they will rule your Life” CharlotteDBlignaut


This is for THE Woman who wants to learn and own her true Power, possibly yet to be uncovered
This is for the Woman who chooses to live in her Authenticity
This is for the Woman who wants to re/build her relationship with her unique Soul
This is for the Woman who wants to learn what TRUE self respect is
This is for the Woman who wants to proudly live her Values
This is for the Woman who has a voice and is ready for her Voice to be heard
This is for the Woman who wants to change her World
This is for the Woman who wants to leave a Legacy
This is for the Woman who chooses to honour her life influences with Pride and Humility
This is for the Woman who knows the Value of Nurturing
This is for the Woman who knows that Happiness & Success are her birthright
This is for the Woman who wants to live Fearlessly and with Courage
This is for the Woman who wants to Lead herself to Soaring heights of Serenity

“An Empowered Woman does not connect from a place of Anger” CharlotteDBlignaut

Step 1 – Answer these with 100% honesty and spontaneously:

1. Are you a truly an Empowered Woman?
2. How would you know if you were, or were not?
3. How far on the empowerment scale that you are, can you measure yourself 1- 10? 1 being least, 10 being where you want to be as an Empowered Woman
4. Are you Fearlessly Confident and Authentic in every ounce of your being?
5. How do you know you respect others? (If you secretly envy others’ success or courage, then there is no self respect….)
6. Does Insecurity govern any part of your actions?

“When the Woman in the household/workplace is happy, then everyone is happy” CharlotteDBlignaut

Step 2 – If you hesitated on any of the above, go through the above again and list what you would want support on, to get to a 10:

“An Empowered Woman may not know if she is abusing her power or not, her mask might need to be taken off to find out… ” CharlotteDBlignaut

Step 3 – On a scale of 1 to 10 – measure yourself on the following, would you classify yourself as a 10 out of 10, or what room for improvement?:
1. Confidence and Grace
2. Elegant and Noble in every aspect of her appearance, speech and walk
3. Both a Powerful and Subtle Presence
4. Exercise your value of choice with dignity
5. You are unashamedly a Wild & Succulent Wolf Woman
6. You are a powerful Observer, more so than a loud Voice

“From Woman, Man is born – Without Man, Woman would have no purpose?
A Woman’s Ultimate Soul purpose is to LOVE, to teach Love, to live Love, to be Loved? Be clear on what you define as Love! It has many facets and levels…. and not all are polished and shiny! ” CharlotteDBlignaut

Step 4 – Owning where you are in your journey is part of the process of heartfelt Empowerment.
1. How far on this journey are you?
2. What holds you back?
3. What would give a step forward?
4. Who will be your Coach or Mentor in this process?

“An Empowered Woman Inspires. An insecure Woman manipulates. Do you want to Inspire or Manipulate?” CharlotteDBlignaut

Step 5 – With reverence, from these 8 learning components below, list in order of priority, where you want to learn how to start developing more:
1 YOUR Behaviour is created from YOUR Thoughts, which are created from YOUR Feelings/Emotions
2 Know thyself – how well do you know your own GuRu?
3 Honesty – own that honesty as it is your best friend and start being honest with yourself when your fear starts setting in
4 Vulnerability – this is when you are at your most powerful
5 Language – be IMPECCABLE with your thoughts, both to self and to others
6 Show up Dress Code – Confident from your heart dressing is very different to dressing the Confidence from your head
7 Posturing – there is no doubt of your confidence and inner strength
8 Support to other Women – abundance comes from generosity in the heart, where insecurity has no home, (eg do you copy paste from other experts, secretly admire/envy others, or openly honour your teachers?)

“Like attracts Like – be the support you would like & watch the magic unfold around you” CharlotteDBlignaut

“A Woman who strives for Respect and Love in every part of her world EVERY DAY, is a Woman who will leave a legacy” CharlotteDBlignaut

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