Authority or an Authoritarian?

there is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs

Are you an Authority or are you an Authoritarian? 

OMW, I am humoured by the number of “authority” on subject matters trolling social media.  Copy and paste tag lines, look and feel content, and YIPPEE, voila another authority is born via a webpage, facebook page or a blog.  Consistent results are what make an Authority.

So many Voices clambering to be heard; needing to be heard; should be heard, YET, how do you discern between which ones are the right or wrong ones?

Wrong(or right) in many ways:  timing, content, concept, delivery, purpose and intention.  Perhaps it’s the ears of the listener that are not ready to hear?

Those who speak with Authority, are not necessarily an Authority.  The delivery is 100% as important as the message.  We usually speak (& hear) from where we are in our own mind, (Perceptual communication is subjective),  unless we have mastered heart based listening, and very few people have.  The world is shifting into this heart based place more and more each day.  Be aware – your mind is your projection into the world, be discerning who, what and when you project to.

Educate vs Desecrate?

“Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times” YBJ

Lets Unpack a few concepts around this.

 To be a heard, or not to be heard?
What is awesome and real, is the healing taking place – why?  As it can mean only one thing, finally, Humanity is ready to be accountable to self. Self confidence , self belief and self esteem is growing! AMAZING! Previously suppressed Voices now can speak with freedom and no more fear of rejection.  We are each on a different path, on a different stage of evolution of the self.  Like attracts like.  No one is better than the other, there are simply different states of evolved Souls.
With so much transparency in technology, a fraud is, gratefully,  highlighted in a very short space of time.

Why? You can see this in most peoples behaviour, generally speaking, as they share their lousy experiences, vs talking about the great ones.  This is part of a less than WOW mindset (aka labelled as “negative”).  It is a normal process to access ones “negative” or protective mindset first, before stepping into secondly the positive mind, then finally into the neutral mind, where heart based Voices are heard, and spoken from.

If we are only able to tolerate positive, then it highlights a weakness within self, of not being able to access own gifts of negative mind, and the compassion of the neutral mind.  This is an essential quality in building Relationship Capital, in order to be able to hold space for those near and dear to us.  A Low tolerance of perpetual negative mindset is a natural growth spurt in humanity, and we are all going through that now.  One negative experience does not make a negative mindset. It is years of experiences that disappoint the human interpretation of life.

The more evolved Soul is able to comfortably hold Compassion in heart and head, for those around us who face disappointment.   Choosing to evolve is a process, it is not an overnight experience. It is an independent process within, done alone.  The epitome of listening to ones heart!

You have heard this before, we don’t know what we don’t know, until we know what we don’t know…. YEP! Professing to be an expert in a topic, eg, Public speaking, or Animal training or Dressmaking etc etc etc, and not being a speaker, nor owning an animal and not wearing own range gear,  does not carry much authenticity, and therefore, has an expiry date.  THEREFORE, What chance of success, Sustainable success, is possible if it is not who you really are, who you were meant to be, or whom you are growing into?  Is it the voice of your Heart and Soul speaking, or the Wounded part of self healing itself?

The awareness is that the Voice might only be a band aid on a broken bone.  The unheard inner child wound that may manifest in adults, might also show up as a bully in a Voice, or totally withdraw from humanity.

How do you REALLY  know when it is right, right for you to hear this Voice, or right to be heard in public?  This can only happen when we know the self.  If you are not able to be independent in your life Purpose, you will never get to recognise the gift of your own Neutral mind. The place where Compassion has a very peaceful and rather snuggly lil’ home.

Head or Heart?

We make the excuses when we all know VERY well, it’s mainly to justify what reason/s for the Voice – ie, is it a heart based or a head based Voice.  A heart based voice is never loud, bombastic nor arrogant to be heard, and, does not need to be heard.

It is heard. immediately. No doubts. It can soothe and boost emotion/s in a second. 
The Voice of the Heart is also seen in the eyes.

If you have ever heard someone speak from their heart, you will know the difference between head and heart conversation,  and real sincere passion not built in a fad, or on crutch of anything else.  A VERY clear difference.

To speak, or not to speak?

The need to be heard rings true for this particular subject.  It takes MUCH more courage, in fact IMMEASURABLE courage, to sometimes choose NOT speak, to not have your Voice heard, than it does to have a Voice, when you are aware of the real reason inside of self, to speak.

What we choose to say is often from own frame of reference as it is what life gives us.  There’s one of few ways to know which speaks, either your Voice is meant to be for  Self or your Voice is to be heard. It is called Emotional Intelligence, EQ.  If your Emotional Intelligence is not well defined within,  you might fall for anything, vs stand for something,  IE a voice with Authority is not necessarily an Authority.  Unless you know who you are within,  and what your purpose is, you might be swayed an appearance of what looks like authority in your life.  When we are more insecure some days more than others, again a natural process in life journey, it is usually easier to be led, than to take the lead for self.

The stronger your relationship with self, the stronger your self esteem and self belief, the stronger you will lead yourself.  The stronger you become an Authority on You, the more authentic you become.  This authenticity is what you will then attract in others. That is a priceless gift!
It is this VERY reason that ensures that being a heart based Voice with sensitivity and depth, will build stronger and lasting foundations to the real core of our life, ie creating Relationship Capital.
Relationship Capital

If your Voice is more important than listening, then what is your bank balance regarding your Relationship Capital?   A bank filled with Relationship Capital will sustain though every hurricane life has to offer, through feast and famine, in sickness and in health.
How authentic are your relationships that you have, or are they conditional on where you are at in your journey?

Do you build authentic and intimate relationships, or do you control the level and depth of relationships instead?

If you find yourself in low tolerance of own current mindset, you might project that onto others, OR, as you are clambering to get above the clouds of all own mind patterns (mindsets) within, you might not see the opportunity in generous lessons from those around you.  If you are judging others for where they are at, you are not in your Neutral mind, and you are communicating from your EGO(all about you, your Head), vs Heart.  It takes more COURAGE and COMMITMENT to be of service, to hold Neutral space, without judgement, than it does to Invalidate another human being’s process in life.

The Voice of the Heart is heard immediately,  It is also seen in the eyes, vulnerable yet with a gentle strength of unfathomable depth.  It is without force, it is patient, it there with its forever sense of knowing and compassion. 
It is there within you, when you are ready to listen, too….

As you build Relationship Capital, both within and in your business world, What do you, as an authority or expert, offer to those around you, Negative, Positive or Neutral Mind of self?

OOr do you push people away by being what you are not, or not yet ready for?

Or are you maybe a bit more stubborn than is best for growth pace you want?

Love to have your comments on how you have become your own Authority and inspired others, as an Authority!

Warm regards



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