Are YOU Authentic & truly Empowered?

Dont look for love

Your Checklist … 8 Qualities of Authentic Empowerment

1             An Empowered Life means living with 100% Authenticity, Depth and L O V E, irrespective of your life challenges

An Empowered Life means in the face of life’s heart wrenching moments, you are still able to keep the door to your heart open.

An Empowered Life means that every lesson you receive you choose to use as if it gives you the energy and momentum needed to step closer to your purpose and to unconditional L O V E for self.

2              An Empowered person knows  self Love –  If you cannot L O V E all of your SELF, you cannot LOVE others, and you definitely cannot do so from in an Empowered space.

Empowered People speak from heart (L O V E) only, vs E G O (the mind) – see previous BLOG post for this acronym unpacked to impact your awareness with profound simplicity!

3              Empowered People Listen well, and often have no need to say anything.  You can feel their presence.  You can feel the warmth of being Seen and Heard. You can feel the strength of integrity and values based living that oozes from the energy they glow with.

Empowered people show you with their actions how they support you and your truth as you live it more each day.

You will always get truth from an Empowered Person.

You may not like these Truth’/s at first.  The lesson is to learn how to keep your own heart open in this space of heart based listening, to be able to see the pure intention that flows from the words and actions they generously share.

4              Empowered living is Using FEAR to grow into more authentic relationships, and is Soulfully liberating!

If you do not know what that means, have a look at your past patterns of when you have had regrets.  Look at the patterns of your EGO based insecurities where responses did not build a relationship but broke it down and pushed it away.  That is the voice of FEAR.

5              Empowerment rejects the responses driven from Fear.  Fear reeks of Insecurity and a past wounded space of previously not being heard and therefore not honouring own voice, in the space of a passionate desire to have a voice.    You do have a voice, you deserve to have your voice, #youcandoit, #youdeserveit, #youcount.

6              Empowered People see, be and speak from an Authentic centre with appreciative depth of #gratitude

Becoming Empowered is embracing life’s lessons, learning the depth of Humility, Courage and Resilience.  These form a  basis for Authenticity.

7              Living an Empowered Life, a life steeped in L O V E, is living a life filled with Authenticity and Depth, and implies that you have to know it, and be authentic in your heart, head, and “Meat Suit” (thank you BeJay for this wonderful description!)

Living a life rooted in Authenticity implies that you have to know your own Authenticity

  • How do you know what authentic is?
  • How do you know what a cup of coffee is?
  • Authenticity is cocooned with Depth

Living a life of Depth implies that you have to know your own Depths.

  • How do you know what depth is? ?
  • How do you know what a cup of coffee is? You learnt it, so you can learn this too! BUT, there is no place FEAR here.
  • Depth nestles in Trust

8              “Humans learn by pleasure or by pain”  Quoted from Kung Fu Panda, one of my favourite movies for the grown up child in every adult! The movie has many hidden gems regarding the brilliance within each of us.  It reinforces the necessity of the essential depth of commitment to own Passion and Purpose, Ethics and Fairness, and the role of L O V E in every cell of our being, in order to be able to live it, L O V E it,  and then to finally share the pearls.

A heart based goal of Empowerment for Self is nothing without actions that fuel and feed a future of experiencing the euphoric L O V E  that comes from within.

It is this L O V E  that changes cellular memory and creates behaviour that

matches thoughts, heart and the world.

To learn more about Your own Personal Profile, current state of Empowerment, connect for a Nugget with C session, or Coaching one on one, or book for a Workshop –  or for Women –

Hope this has opened more of your neural pathways and feeds curiosity for what is STILL possible for YOU – I can help with that!

PS – Watch this space for more information on Project L O V E – you can be part of this too!

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