You have a Stealing Mindset?

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GASP, yes you! Are you Stealing?

Here is a different perspective that is sure to shock, educate and shift a mindset!

In a yogic philosophy, there is what is called “eight limbs of yoga”. It comes from Patanjali and is deemed to stem from yogic practices going back to sometime between 200 and 600 AD!
YES, yoga is it is ancient wisdom! and Yes, I am also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Hence, one of my areas of skill in Coaching with Entrepreneurs in Leadership, is the all essential Stress Management.

Let us talk about what this means re stealing, you steal from me, I steal from you, we all steal from each other…. how real is this and how are you doing it too?

A brief lesson in a small part of the ancient yogic wisdom:
“These 8 limbs are equally essential to steady progress in refining the mind and discriminating the real from the illusory.”
They are : Samadhi, Dhyana, Dharanha, Pratyahar, Pranayam, Asana, Niyama, and Yama. The most basic entry level to the 8 limbs and how they relate to our life, is understanding the Yamas and Nyamas. “Yama is choosing to exercise moral restraint in external, interactions, and Niyama is observing daily practices designed to clarify the internal relationship to the SELF!”

What does this mean for you? To share a bit more of the details, you don’t have to remember them, but understanding them and how they relate to you, is the easiest life lesson you will ever get!
Yamas carry the element of habits formed, and is further broken down to;
• Ahimsa – non hurting – compassion, patience, love for others, self love, worthiness, and understanding
• Satya – truthfulness – honesty, forgiveness, non-judgement, owning feelings, loving communication, letting go of masks
• Asteya – non stealing – right use of resources, letting go of jealousy, cultivating a sense of self sufficiency and completeness
• Brahmacharya – sensory control – channelling emotions, with moderation
• Aparigraha – non possessiveness – fulfilling needs vs wants

Niyamas guide the emotional impulses, and are further broken down to;
• Shaucha – purity – evenness of mind, thought, speech, purity of body
• Santosha – contentment – gratitude, acceptance, calmness with success or failure
• Tapas – purification, zeal – determination, willingness for practices
• Svadhyaya – study – reflection, mediation, expanding knowledge
• Ishvara pranidhana – devotion – surrender, faith and dedication

If you look at the qualities and properties listed above, how do you see your life having been shaped within these, or where do you see the gaps that you would like to fill? Ever seen a real yogi not representing any of the above?

Bottom line, the Negative mind(protective aspect of your mind) is mastered with the Yamas and Niyamas. YES! Your life experiences create your reality of your world, and as humans, we often believe that our experiences are our only labels for life. That you have many experiences that may or may not serve your future, it is merely the labelling you have chosen to give them.
How did we get to stealing? Every time you express an opinion from your own perspective or frame of mind/experience, about a person, product, organisation, etc, that is more negative than positive, to another person, on social media, or to self, you are stealing. You are stealing an opportunity for the audience of your expressed negativity, to have their own experience, PLUS, you are stealing from the product/person/organisation as your underlying intention is to discourage(or protect) others from having same experience as you! STEALING! and you also dis empower other people, from having their own experience. I say you, and mean WE. We all do it all the time, and what right do we have to project our own world onto another persons world? Are we so bored with our own lives or so detached and disinterested in the well being of others that we don’t take time to find out where they are really at, and engage with them there, before we jump in and splurge our experiences generously on to them?

Yes, by all means, stand for something vs fall for anything, yes, support others, yes, be aware of your words and actions and how they impact others. But being aware, impeccable with your words and actions, to ensure you will not be in danger of stealing. Especially if you are in a position of Leadership.

IMAGINE what else you could be doing with all that time, energy and brain power you are using, …instead? You could also choose to create a neural pathway for self, in the mind, that the body responds to in a much more positive way. It too has the same effect on the people around you. Many people choose to live by other people’s opinions, vs develop their own experiences rooted in courage and self belief (Ignorance really is Bliss!). Imagine a world that focuses on what is possible in opportunity, vs anything else?
1. This awareness now – it is as much not ok to steal a pen, an idea, copy or paste IP from others, than it is to steal opportunity or time bending the ears of others.
2. When we focus on what is positively possible in every experience we have, and encourage others to embrace this thinking with possibility, we make space for beauty in our world, and in theirs.
3. Changing mindsets starts with you, It starts with this reflective space of personal depth, taking E Q to the nth levels of E+ E Q. (yes, you read right)

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Until the next inspired topic blog, why not read the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – a brilliant start to change communication!!!!

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