What is the Miracle of being Human?

What is the difference between living and existing

The Physical, Mental and Emotional Human consistency of Being

We are ecstatically conceived with the joyous fusion of the strongest male and female cells
We are physically fed, grown and shaped in water by the feminine cells
We are born through pain into male and female environment, and embraced with joy, screaming and crying
We emotionally communicate our needs through crying
We are mentally guided, shaped and physically taught by parent figures their ways of confirmed existence
We mentally make sense of this learning and start to physically challenge and develop our own way into being
We begin to marry Emotions, Body, and Mind with expressive delight
We create uniqueness, our personality
We create our character, our behaviour, our beliefs, our values
We grow, from joyous carefree children to exciting learning into adulthood
We learn through experiences
We create our reality with feeling, language and labelling
We live consciously & unconsciously through our experiences
We survive
We make sense of life experiences, emotionally, physically, mentally
We face challenge and begin to desire new ways of being and doing
We face ourselves
We face our environment
We face others
We face the world as a whole
We see our set of related systems within
We face our place in the world
We face our purpose
And we make a new way forward in the world
We see the world as a set of related systems
We consciously mature emotionally, mentally and physically
We accept that we are complicated, Emotional, Mental, and Full bodied Physically strong cellular Masterpieces
We can change
We can be the change we want to see in the world
We can choose Mindfulness
We can choose joy and ecstasy
We are the change we see in the world
We have choice, to change or not to change?
What do YOU Choose?


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