What is Leadership – the 4 letter word?

Travel the path of integrity without looking back for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing

Leadership – a 4 letter word!

A hopeful reflection, of the changing times…. how do you, as a Thought Leader, lead – with fear (Mind)or with love (Heart)?

The future of humanity is about values rooted in transparency, inclusivity, opportunity, and therefore, results in more abundance mindsets. Leadership of the future s about creating heartfelt moments that touch the lives of others, and self, in empowering inspiring and motivational ways. These emotions are priceless, they are the new currency of human connection,. The days of leadership regulated and fed with fear, control and victimhood are over.

We are all connected, and what we feel within, shows up in the world. Our Mindset sets that tone for how we show up.

The 4 letter word, as A Playful acronym – make up your own and share it with us please!

L – Live all of it with all of Self

E – Express with Respect

A – Acknowledge Others

D – Deliver Passion in Purpose

The real question therefore, is how do we each, allow ourselves to feel safe within and have the courage to truly own and love who we are, speak our truth and accept humanity unconditionally?

It is a challenge for all of us! The one way I manage to hold on to a desired more neutral mind and emotional space, is to spend dedicated daily time in reflective focused silence, and to observe the self…ALL of self.

Leadership starts within. The higher and deeper intelligence of self, to the epitome of beingness. It is a measurable degree of total self knowing and self acceptance. Then ONLY, we can truly accept others. Heart based living allows abundance in the door, the equal balance of giving and receiving.

There is no other way of the future, or do you disagree? The question is, when do we start to see the manifestations of our heartfelt living, in the world around us, and in others?

Do you as a Leader scoff at what this above, may appear pink and fluffy in your labelling of above, merely because you don’t know how to embrace more changes and your own both left and right brain thinking, with emotions, in the correct balance?

3 Insights on Change as you Lead from the front, back and in the middle!

1 -Change is often judged as negative, simply as it has unknown outcomes – how are you limiting your life of abundance by resisting change as it presents?

2 – Change comes in many forms – watch Kung Fu Panda(my favourite!) – do u choose pleasure or pain as your life learning tool?

3 – Remind yourself, communication to self is the platform for response you set yourself up to get – or is someone else controlling your thoughts and responses?

How safe and appreciated do you make people around you feel, is a measure of how you do this with self – what labels are you showing the world as a Leader, Leader of Self?

PS – This is a Brilliant watch – https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_why_good_leaders_make_you_feel_safe

Please feel free to Post your comments of your experiences as Thought Leaders, they are MOST welcome!

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