How JTFoxx ReLit #TheFireInMyBelly

Millionaire Underdog

JTFoxx gave me back my brain, my heart, and my Vision – EPOCH!


I had been attending the JTFoxx events for a couple of years, and every single one of these free events has been an amazingly generous sharing of essential business tips, training and latest trends, from EACH of his team, the speakers he has trained, and himself, #1WealthCoach in the World – yep, the best of the best in the world, here in SA!! I was shocked at his vital business tips for success being so generously given for free!

The amount of energy expended by JTFoxx & Team at free events, has always been phenomenal! The best part was that there is NO catch to this generosity.  The priceless free tips in these sessions, for EVERY single business person, entrepreneur and wannabe entrepreneur, will blow you away! I have learnt so much more about generating income in ways/areas I never thought I would ever consider or could do.

I even became a Social Media “whizz” in 2 days with them (see my cover photo on my facebook page with Randi Zuckerberg and Francine Baldwin)

Having come through a stress induced burnout, both body and brain, I was SUPER reluctant to get back into the public world to live my Vision of becoming a Professional Speaker to inspire as many people as I could to choose change with Excitement. YES, it is a feeling! My Speaking career mission is to Educate, Empower and Inspire Change, with Authenticity & Fun!

What have I got to lose I asked myself? SO I now, I am proud to say, a member of the JTFoxx family, #FamilyFirst

You either are ready to take your life and business to the next level, or you are not. If not now, the day will come, have no doubt about that, and you will not find a better kickstart to your future, than to engage with #success thru #coaching!

And WHY did I, as a Professional Coach do this? Time to lift the Bar for Self, & I realised that if did not step into and live my Purpose NOW, my life would not have enough meaning. I am not on this earth to work to earn income only, I choose to be on this earth to Inspire with Confidence, Passion, to Empower all to Connect Authentically – and SO WHAT if people need sunglasses for the glare!

My soul cannot be kept small. YOUR Soul cannot be kept small. YOU CAN Do the things that make you feel Passionately Empowered, Compassionate AND Connected to every living breathing thing on this Earth. If you LONG to shine, YOU CAN!

Coaching pays off and support is what we each need to grow into a space of our Purpose – Whatever your Purpose may be. As you get older, you get the option to choose to stay small, BUT, if you are not there yet, STAND UP and be seen! Yes you will make mistakes, yes you might freak some people out, but those who truly LISTEN, know your intention is pure and if they know what your purpose is, they will support you. YOU will Inspire them to live their own Purpose. Would that not be simply AWESOME? To go to sleep at night and know you made a positive difference in someone else’s life? We are all connected.

Part of my Purpose – I have a project brewing, for transforming our country, a community styled project, that needs business partners to help make it happen. For Women to work with their real Authentic Power in a way that serves everyone, NOT only the MIND(EGO). I am now SUPER ready to look for the right people to work with this to roll it out. And to think, I had nearly given up of making a new Impact, of inspiring change and of leaving a Legacy!

As a Coach, I have never met anyone as successful as JTFoxx, who sincerely wants to make a large scale impact, immediately, as much as he does. I love it! I resonate with it. He represents what lives in my heart, fearlessness. I love the mirror he holds up!

For JT, If you read this, I hope you see the mirror – your Heart Is Seen, Loved and Acknowledged and highly Valued, a Man anyone would be proud to know! Thank you.

Thanks to his Coaches and to JT, my Purpose is now in neon lights. It will not be ignored, My Soul Hears, My Soul Sees, My Soul Speaks.
I will be eternally grateful for the neural pathways, the encouragement and support from everyone I have met in the JTFoxx Family.

ps – This is possible for you too!
Charlotte D Blignaut #EmpowermentCoach #SuccessCoach

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